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Thank you for choosing to partner with us. We are committed to building our new relationship with honesty, integrity and mutual success.

Welcome aboard… My name is Joseph Caccamo; I'm the Chief Executive Officer for IQNetCom Corp., the parent company of AccessDome. If you have ideas or comments on how we can build our future relationship, please share them with me Thank you!

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Assistive Devices / Products for Independent Living

Clothing for Special Needs

Computer Accessibility Products and Augmentative Communication Devices

Education / Learning

Gifts and Toys

Home Design, Automation and Environmental Control and Construction

Medical / Health Products and Services

Mobility Products

Sports and Exercise

Travel, Recreation and Entertainment

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Note: We will reject anyone who uses marketing techniques that...
Exploit sex to sell, promote violence, are hateful in any way, are harassing or use Spam in any way shape or form, are libelous or defamatory, are threatening or abusive, are illegal or on the borderline violate the copyrights or trademarks of others, are in such poor taste that we do not want the association.



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AccessDome is a wholly owned subsidiary of IQNetCom Corp, copyright 2002.

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