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Become Our Business Partner

The greatest Web site in the world is useless unless you can attract visitors/customers to use it.

Benefits for your Company

Success in the Internet economy is reliant upon many factors. Letting people know how to find you, (if not the most important factor) is at the very top of the list.

For this reason, we invite you to become our Business Partner… Together we can help each other succeed in this extremely competitive Internet Economy.

If you own a business that is seeking or offering products, services or information specifically related to people with disabilities, including people who are vision impaired or have, hearing disabilities, physical disabilities, cognitive, and neurological disabilities. We invite you to Partner With Us.

AccessDome consists of a highly motivated group of individual dedicated to ensuring universal web accessibility for people with disabilities so they may enjoy all the privileges and benefits the Internet has to offer.

Join the AccessDome Business Partnership Program today and you will substantially increase your audience producing measurable bottom line results.

Here's how the Business Partnership Program works:

Your company provides us with a ( link on the home page of your Web Site. Check sample Banners.

  1. For each individual you send to AccessDome that joins as an AccessDome Community Member, you will receive ONE STAR. The more members you send us… the more stars you receive.

  2. Every 90 days, we will add up the total number of Stars we have issued (accumulative) by all Business Partners. We then, calculate your individual accumulation of Stars as a percentage of the overall total.

  3. Once we have established your individual contribution percentage (%), we will allocate your payment amount from the total available funds that were accumulated during the 90-day period. Go to Revenue Sharing Model for more info.

  4. A check will be issued within 15 days, to you personally or a designated third party entity.

    Note: You will continue to generate reoccurring revenue every 90 days based on the total accumulated Stars at the end of each period.

  5. We will provide a link to your company Web site in our highly searchable AccessDome MarketPlace including a description (maximum 30 words) of your products and services. We will list your company under a maximum of 5 different categories.

  6. During your 90-day trial period… we will feature your company in our Featured Merchants section (valued at $750.00 CDN) absolutely FREE. If you are interested in advertising your company in our Featured Merchants section (beyond the free trial) a pre-paid monthly fee of $250.00 CDN applies.

We believe that unlike most Partner/Affiliate programs, a True Partnership is based on partner's sharing in each other's success. As you can see, our partner program is designed to truly create a Win-Win for both parties.

Please read our Business Partner Agreement


If you have any questions e-mail



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